Why Bioada?


Access to 150,000+ Omics Series and 5,000,000+ Omics Samples

Database Management System

  • Omics data in database not flat files
  • Data Integrity & Consistency
  • Reduced Data Redundancy
  • Robust Data Security & Recovery
  • Significant improvement in productivity

Interactive Visualization & Statistical Analysis

  • Univariate & Bivariate charts
  • Volcano & Manhattan plots
  • Descriptive & Inferential Statistical tests
  • Correlation & Simulation analysis
  • Pathway & Gene Ontology enrichment

Federated Machine Learning

  • Build & Share predictive models in real time
  • Classification and Regression models
  • Data access (local disk, database or cloud)
  • Automated variable selection
  • Extensive model evaluation

Our Products

Polygenic Scores & Biomarkers Discovery


A unique interactive data exploration platform


A powerful federated machine learning toolbox


A robust gigabyte-sized text file reader

Researchers are improving risk prediction for common chronic diseases using genetic data. These ‘polygenic risk scores’ can help personalize preventive measures and could soon become part of routine healthcare practice, once some limitations are overcome.

nature researchPolygenic Risk Score

By utilizing high-throughput technologies, precision medicine is being developed as a preventative, diagnostic and treatment tool to combat complex human diseases. Currently, machine learning plays a major role in biological and biomedical research, especially in the analysis of big ‘omics data.

Frontiers in GeneticsMachine Learning Advanced Dynamic Omics Data Analysis for Precision Medicine

Better diagnoses, earlier interventions, more-efficient drug therapies, customized treatment plans. These are the promises of personalized medicine, also known as precision medicine or individualized medicine.

Mayo ClinicPersonalized Medicine

Polygenic & Clinical Risk Scores Models and

Biomarkers Discovery