1. Bioada published a preprint: Connecting Cancers to Chromosomal Locations Through Copy Number Variations
  2. Revolutionizing Precision Medicine – University of Montenegro
  3. Demystifying Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science – Mediteran University
  4. Artificial Intelligence in Biomarker and Drug Discovery – Technopolis  


  1. Data Science for Biomarkers Discovery – ISCBacademy Tutorial
  2. Bioada is collaborating with Cancer Hacker Lab
  3. Bioada is collaborating with Stanford University Research to the People  
  4. Bioada is collaborating with RebootRx
  5. Bioada is collaborating with CancerCommons


  1. Bioada achieved the best results in p1RCC hackathon
  2. Bioada received $50K grant from Microsoft Azure 
  3. Bioada received $50K in funding from ADDI
  4. Bioada received $100K loan from BDC (Business Development Bank of Canada)
  5. Bioada has become a MaRS (North America’s Largest Innovation Hub) supported venture